After my recent blog on Coronavirus Outbreak, now known as COVID-19. As a parent and responsible business owner I have contacted NHS England and The Food Standard Agency for advice regarding hosting birthday parties.

In this blog we are addressing some concerns towards the virus and what measure we have been recommend from NHS England and FSA to ensure your party is a success during the outbreak.


1, Currently there is no evidence that COVID-19 can be passed by food. As preciously measure from the Food Standard Agency recommends preparing food on a clean surface. Wash hands before handling any food. A great idea that can save time and help is party food boxes (Like a Happy Meal) Having sandwiches such as Jam, Ham and Cheese quarters, Packet of Crisps, Bag of Fruit, Frubes, Chocolate Roll, Party Rings the options are endless. Each child would have their own box or bag and much more fun.


2, We recommend using paper plates & cups for your party. Not just for kids but for adults too. Making sure that hot drinks are also in Biodegradable Paper cups & then thrown away immediately after. This takes away the chance of any germs being spread. As a double bonus you have no washing up and you can recycle the paper plates and cups


3, Check with your entertainer has any symptoms and are well. You don’t need to worry about this with Phatmagic we contact you 7 days before the party to advise you of what going to happen on the day. If I do fall ill from any illness our Terms and Conditions states I work with a team of entertainers that help each other out in case of emergencies. You get a fit and healthy entertainer.

(what measures has your venue taken towards coronavirus COVID-19)

4, As much it is very important to air to your concerns to your entertainer but to also air your concerns with the venue you’ve booked. Do they have any cleaning protocols in place for the venue? when they did a last have a deep clean? and how often is the venue cleaned?. These are just few ideas you need to ask,


5, Ensure your venue has liquid soap at the ready to allow kids & adults can wash their hands upon arrival and before eating food. Recently we have been to venue with NO Soap let alone liquid soap.

6, I carry hand sanitisers even before the outbreak started and we recommend that you do the same with your party, it helps to ease people that may have worries about the virus. Giving parent the peace of mind that you have done everything to create a fun and safe environment.


7. I know that easy enough to say. We understand it can be hard not to worry with the ever-changing advice. It’s your child’s special day and your worried they may not enjoy it as much. Remember the bulk that are infected it’s just like a flu. Let’s all remain calm, not panic and we’ll all make sure the children have the BEST PARTY EVER!

I hope these points may have been of help to you. Please feel free to read our other blogs on COVID 19 (Coronavirus) and updates in our blog section. IF you would like to have a chat please feel free and give us a call

We must reiterate and stress these are recommendations from NHS England, NHS 111 and Food Standard Agency. These may not work for everyone.

Also, if you find that your child or any of your family members may have symptoms then please go to this link that NHS have set up to see if your symptoms meet the criteria of the Coronavirus –

You can also read NHS blog on the virus here –

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