Larry The Let-Down

How to avoid Larry The Let-down Children’s Entertainer

It seems Larry The Let-down and some their friends have been busy over the last month. At Phatmagic HQ we have noticed an increase in Larry letting down parents, event organisers even Brides

Luckily, we have managed to stop Larry ruining such special days and events with our superhero team.

We are here to help you to defeat Larry The Let Down. In our Phatmagic Birthday Entertainment HQ blog our experts explain how to find a reliable entertainer who won’t just turn up but will absolutely have everyone talking about you party for the RIGHT reasons.


Larry has been disguising as National Parties Company

We are getting reports that Larry is getting cleverly setting up National Party Companies to make a quick profit. Using cheap inexperience staff giving you substandard entertainment or even letting parents, event organisers and Brides down.

This not always true.

We work with one of the UK largest National companies and they have helped us when a parent has been hit by Larry and his team and vice versa. Use a National Party Company that has great and real reviews and Check out these tips to expose and find where Larry is within the area.

TIP 1. Check the Terms and Conditions

Just like many business and suppliers have terms and conditions, any professional children’s entertainer will have a contract or terms and conditions. This is to help protect you as it is for us. A part of the Terms and Conditions is a deposit or Booking fee, this guarantees the time and date with us. It means if you cancel on us before the party you may still have to pay (unless there are extreme circumstances) however it also means I can’t just walk out on you. Which is what Evil Larry the Let Down would do. I have an extra condition and promise that Larry doesn’t have. In rare case of me being too ill to make the party I will replace myself with another entertainer to the same value or more at my cost, meaning I call you with a solution rather than a problem. I have even carried on with a broken foot.  But like many professional I have a great group of magic friends that I can call upon to help us out in emergencies

TIP 2. Cheaper does not always equal better. 

Larry likes to offer cheap prices to get you to book, if Larry gets a higher price booking Larry will let you down. Do not fall for his tricks have a real look at the price of entertainers.  We are one of the high-end entertainers and may be out of some parent’s budget, but as a parent we know you want the best for your kids. We offer payment plans and we have other plans to help to have me. Anyone who is great at what they do are going to cost a little more, but it is worth spending it to make your child’s party the best it can be. If something seems too good to be true it generally is.

At the time of writing this blog I have 114 five-star reviews on my Facebook page. They are real reviews from real customers. There are also photos of me continuously going on social of me working at events, I am proud of what I do. I work hard to make sure that people know about it too (Isn’t that what social media is for? To celebrate the good stuff in life, you should shout it from the rooftops) any in demand entertainer is going to be the same, so it is well worth having a nosy at them and seeing what others think and working out if they are the entertainer for you. 

(You can check my FACEBOOK or INSTAGRAM here)

I’ve been in the entertainment business for 15 years – so I have so much experience to ensure a great party.

TIP 3. It’s always good to talk.

I always recommend giving them a call ask them questions. Good entertainer will know the answers and even give you tips to help you or like me write blogs to help. However, I do love a good chinwag with parents to explain how we make parties run smoothly and what we do in our parties. Being a parent me and my wife understand how important parties are to both parents and to our kids too. Feel free to call me on 07970745926 anytime to talk about how to make your child’s party a success or about anything party related.

Larry the let-down would not go the extra mile like this

TIP 4. They’ll know their stuff

Larry the let-down wouldn’t know their stuff. You’ll have lots mayhem. A good children’s entertainer will know EXACTLY what they are doing and take over a bit. I have done so many kids parties that it is second nature to me, you are paying me to do a great job, so I’ll tell you the best way to get the best results.

TIP 5. Book in Advance

WHY? I hear you ask. I have many bookings going into Janary 2020. I understand thats REALLY far in advance, but my diary does get full pretty quick. I recommend booking 6 – 8 weeks before the party or 4 – 6 months for event such as Christmas, Halloween, Festival and fayres.

It sounds very cheeky saying this, bit, but I genuinely believe I am one of the best entertainers in the region. I have worked hard in the business and try to deliver a service second to none. I have a unique magic show which both kids and adults love

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