contact formWe don’t claim we can turn your child into a Dynamo overnight – what we can do is provide a fun and interesting introduction to the art of magic.

The goal of the Training Academy, is to teach actual magic tricks to each and every person attending Magic school. We aim is to ensure that everyone will leave Magic school being able to perform a number of cool magic tricks.

We have a FREE online tricks and how to videos that you can learn.

Those involved will learn to perform magic in a friendly, fun and relaxed atmosphere. The key features of these exiting workshops are:

There has been significant research in the benefits of using these activities to encourages young people to develop in many areas

  • Reading & comprehension skills
  • Practice skills
  • Concentration skills
  • Eye/hand/finger coordination
  • Digital dexterity and hand/eye Coordination from practicing
  • Sleight-of-hand moves and the handling of objects in specific ways.
  • Communication/verbal skills
  • Creativity & expression skills
  • Self-confidence and esteem.

All supplies are provided to perform the tricks being taught.

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