Party Bags

PARY BAGS FOR BIRTHDAYS TIPS FOR PARTIES EVENTS Party bags are like Marmite you love them or hate them. Recently a parent refused a party bag valued at £12.50 and has created the debate on party bag.

One mum on Netmums explains “They’re full of tat, I’m sure I’m not the only mum whose heart sinks when her child comes home clutching a party bag. Ninety-nine percent of the time, they’re filled with plastic tat that no one needs or wants, yet must ABSOLUTELY NEVER be thrown away.

Seriously, I could fill an ocean with yo-yos that don’t work, bouncy balls, novelty rubbers and plastic jewellery. And don’t even get me started on those hideous, migraine-inducing ‘musical’ instruments: kazoos, mini football rattles and the like.

Oh, and why does everyone insist on putting crayons or felt tips in party bags? It’s not like we don’t have enough of the bloody things …

It brings out people’s competitive side.”

The mum goes on to say “On the other hand, there are those uber mummies who wouldn’t dream of filling party bags with plastic crap from Poundland, but instead go way OTT.

I remember my daughter coming home from one party with a bag that contained, among other things, a full-size Barbie doll. How are we supposed to compete with that?

For some mums, it seems that party bags are just another way to indulge in some mummy one-upmanship. We either have to join in and try to outdo each other, or stand our Poundland ground and feel, frankly, a bit rubbish. Give us a break!”

To Balance the debate another mum says “LOVE party bags!! My daughters birthday is in March & I have already done her bags lol. I always spend a fortune but you don’t have too. You can get just one nice toy for each & a pack of balloons & cake.”

“I LOVE DOING PARTY BAGS. I search all year for good deals etc and no plastic tat goes in my party bags.”

“I love making party bags (well boxes) and like to spend a bit of money on them. After all the kids who come to the party have spent money for a gift so its a thank you to those children.”

“My daughter would be very unimpressed if she went to a party and there were no party bags – I think it’s a highlight for a lot of kids!!!”

Talking to many parents regarding this subject it seems it’s not the issue of giving a party bag as a thank you for coming.

Our poll today stated that 88% of parent-like party bags.

It seems the consensus is not the gesture of party bag but what is used to fill the party bags. Plastic toys that break after 5 mins, the same type of toy, cost and having so many left over.

We have come up with 5 great party bag alternatives that are not expensive, fun, different and not costly

Sweet cones for parties wedding events birthday cakes1, Edible. Sweet cones have become really popular and kid are over the moon. We have recently seen easter eggs and Christmas selection box

2, Decent book. The works have amazing collections of book or companies like The Book People, and parents will love you for giving their kids something useful and educational.

3, Craft kit from building a plane, to paint your own piggy bank or hand puppet kits – check out the supermarkets for good deals.

4, Box of cupcake mix. They cost about a pound each, come in a whole range of character designs from Lightning McQueen to Peppa Pig, and they’re a great rainy day activity too.

5, Helium balloons. They’re great fun, make the party venue look fab, and will naturally come to the end of their life within a few days: result!

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