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Birthday cake, party tips entertainmentIt’s our mission to help you to have “STRESS FREE” Party with great tips. Today I want to talk about how you can keep the costs down at your party but still have the best children’s entertainment around.

Impossible I hear you cry. I will explain how

We have many packages for Birthdays, Weddings, Events, Corporate day and fun days.

Our most popular Birthday Party package is called “THE STRESS BUSTER” 2 hours at £190.

To some, this can be expensive, and others may think it’s Cheap. We have a transparent pricing policy. We have taken the prices from many entertainers in the midlands some deemed cheap some expensive. We have taken the average which was £192.  We have rounded it down to £190 couldn’t fairer than that.

When it comes to planning our son’s party, we have an idea and a budget. When hope to find everything that fits in with the budget

We are aware they are cheaper entertainers, just take a few seconds to think about why they charge that price.

Singing happy birthday party tip games Sometimes it’s a new business, Part-time, extra cash or it’s paying for their magic hobby, unfortunately, we hear of some nightmare stories of cheaper entertainers not turning up or canceling for a better-paid booking.

If stories like this worry you, it’s best to invest in an entertainer who is a part of a professional body like Equity (Same as we are).

What a nightmare it would be having a venue full of supercharged children with no one to entertain them.

We have put together 5 tips that have been successful with parents

TIP 1 – Split the cost

As you start to plan the party find out if any other children in your son or daughter Nursery, Pre School or School have a Birthday close to your child’s. See if the parents would like a joint party saving the stress of the children having to choose which party they want to attend. Halving the expense and the STRESS

TIP 2 – Spread the cost

With many of our packages, we offer the option of paying by installments. As long full fee is paid before the day of your party. Pay whatever you can afford to pay leading up to the party.

Many people have found it an effective method to ensure you have the best entertainer and break it down months or weeks,

We do ask for a Booking fee this secures your date and time slot. This gives you peace of mind your entertainment is sorted whether you have a venue or not, you can start to relax knowing the best part is sorted.                                  


When you have booked our most popular package it’s all wrapped up no need for any extra things to keep kids entertained. Our parties are 4 in 1 (Circus Skills, Games, Family fun magic show, Music and more). We honestly say don’t overthink it with bouncy castle, mascot, face painter, etc. There is no need

Don’t worry if you have already booked other entertainment I work with many other companies, but I find they are an extra cost.

As mention, I am enough to keep children and even adults engaged with bucket loads of fun without being distracted by other forms of entertainment

I do kindly ask for any inflatables to be switch off whilst I am performing mainly the noise of them and you are paying me to entertain. If they are all bouncing on the inflatable, you have just waste £190.

As I mentioned it’s about not overthinking it and saving your money on extra you don’t really need

party tips and food entertainment magic show kids entertainerTIP 4 – Hot debate Book Entertainer or Venue first

Very good entertainers are in high demand and therefore, we recommend that parents book entertainment first.

You can rest knowing you have the best in the business.

Halls are easy to come across, we have a link to a lot of them below, however there It is only me!

You then have the most important parts of your party booked


With our package, there are no hidden costs, everything is included in the price and that is it. Many entertainers charge per child, mileage, prizes and more

We try to give you as much value for money as possible and that includes excellent customer service

We hope you find these tips useful and I will admit I don’t know everything. If you have other ideas and ways of keeping the cost low at your party, we would be grateful if you send them to me and we can share them with other parents.