We are not Bragging this what Parents and Chilren say after every party. Check out our 5 / 5 Reviews on Google and Facebook or click play on the right to check out our show reel

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From hilarious sketches and   awe-inspiring magic to discos, we have children’s party entertainment and birthday party packages that will create magical memories that last forever!

With free smiles & laughter with every show 


Whether it is drama and mystery or fun and laughs, we can guarantee PhatMagic will bring that bit more magic to your wedding. We offer a range of wedding entertainment options that will delight and amuse your guests on your special day.

That extra magical sparkle

Corporate Entertainment festivals fates fayres Midlands

We offer you oodles of entertainment options to fill your event with laughter, giggles and most of all…memories!

Whether it is a fun day, summer fayre or summer fete, Christmas party or a corporate event,


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I’ve learned most of my front end programming skills and some back end programming skills through self-study and the material available here.  Fabulous instructors are fantastic, interesting and enabled me to find a good job. Great place to learn!

Kelsey Smith

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